Investing in Alberta-based Clean Technology Companies.

 ABCT focuses on game-changing clean-tech companies operating in Alberta. The Fund will invest in Eligible Business Corporations (“EBC”) and Eligible Small Businesses (“ESB”) (as defined in the Act) that are active in the Alberta clean-tech sector. 

ABCT will invest in Alberta-based clean energy technology companies that have proprietary technologies, products and processes.  Management believes that Alberta can be a world leader in developing and commercializing innovative clean energy technologies which can be applied on a global scale. Management has identified certain companies and technologies that it believes have strong upside complimented with reduced risk profiles. 

The companies featured below have signed letters of intent with ABCT for potential investment by ABCT. Should you have any specific questions relating to the business activities of these potential investment companies, please contact them directly.

Prospective Investment companies


 Expander Energy Inc. is an approved EBC that is seeking investment from ABCT to advance its proprietary technologies, including a patented process which involves converting biomass to renewable energy such as electricity and fuel.  


  Rocky Mountain GTL Inc. meets the parameters of an ESB and seeks financing to further its proprietary, development-stage gas-to-liquids technology. 



Completion Imaging Analytics Ltd. delivers enhanced proprietary real time microseismic imaging, fiber optics, and risk weighted analytics to reduce waste and optimize well completion designs.